Practical information

What can you take?

You can take anything that can be reused. Give it all you’ve got and gather clothes, small household items, toys, books, ...
When in doubt, ask yourself the question: “Could or would my neighbour still use it?”
Wat mag je meebrengen

What will happen with your items?

Once your organisation has gathered the items, the employees of De Kringwinkel, Televil and Ecoso will collect everything. The items will be sorted and prepared to be sold. Your things will look great, ready for De Kringwinkel, and then they will be chosen and loved by new owners.
Wat gebeurt er met je spullen?

How can you set this up for your organisation?

Download the communication plan. You can use the plan to inform all your colleagues about the campaign and to encourage them to take part.

When can you organise this?

You can organise the event on 1 particular day or during a longer period. The choice is yours.
Wanneer kan je organiseren?

All cupboards have been cleaned out. So what comes next?

Admit it: a good clear-out is like a breath of fresh air. Particularly when you know that you are giving your things new life. So why do this only once? Our tip: make giving it all you’ve got an annual habit at a time that suits you. And a second tip: you can always have your things collected for free by De Kringwinkel!